Cynthia Dunbar - SBOE District 10


Friday, February 24, 2006
For Immediate Release
Phone Number: 281-380-3395
Contact: Rachelle Kanak, Campaign Mgr.
E-mail Address:

Proclaimed the Clear Conservative Choice

Texas Conservative ReviewFort Bend County - Texas Conservative Review (TCR) endorsed Cynthia Dunbar in the race for State Board of Education, District 10. The TCR said that concerning their endorsements, they "seriously looked at all the choices and did not endorse in every race, only in races where there is a clear conservative choice. We look for candidates who are real conservatives, who will not drink the "Kool-Aid" of elective office and forget who elected them." TCR stated that it made its endorsements with the help of Jim Cardle of Texas Free Enterprise Fund/Club for Growth. In its endorsements, TCR further stated that it was only issuing endorsements "in races where conservatives have a true choice between a real Texas conservative and a candidate who only will talk, but not walk the walk."

In response to the endorsement of Texas Conservative Review, Dunbar stated, "I have seen first-hand that there is a clear difference between myself and my opponent. It is reassuring to know that other solid conservative Republicans can see the distinctions as well. I am genuine and sincere in my conservative convictions, and no matter to whom I speak, my positions never change. I am the candidate who actually walks the walk."

Cynthia Dunbar - SBOE District 10

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