Cynthia Dunbar For Congress - Texas District 22
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For Immediate Release: February 19, 2008
From: Dunbar For Congress
Phone: 609-703-8111

Personal Attack on State Board of Education’s Cynthia Dunbar Shows Great Chasm Between Texas Freedom Network And Texas Voters

Richmond, TX—The Texas Freedom Network’s criticism of Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar for leading the Board to utilize its authority to reject textbooks demonstrates just how far apart this liberal watchdog group is from the voting public. Dunbar's leadership in implementing proper board authority to effectively stem the tide of liberal agendas was an action appreciated by the majority of constituents within her district, and an issue upon which she heavily campaigned. Dunbar reminds mainstream Texans that the negative response of the left comes from TFN, a blatantly liberal organization that targets those elected officials most effective in halting the pro-homosexual, pro-abortion liberal agenda.

"I often have been told that you are judged by the company you keep. I am honored, therefore, also to be judged by the company I do not keep, meaning special interest groups that want a far different agenda for our children than do the Texan parents who elected me," says Dunbar, who was elected to the SBOE in 2006. Dunbar is credited with being instrumental in fully implementing the Board’s statutory authority over textbook adoption / rejection.

The Texas Freedom Network has targeted Dunbar as part of its "Most Wanted" list, saying that she is helping drag the SBOE into the culture wars. Dunbar, who regularly advocates common sense over political agendas on the SBOE, says it is TFN who is waging the culture war. "I believe the people who elected me do not want their children taught homosexuality and promiscuity as part of the public school curriculum. Rather, they want me to make sure that reading, writing and arithmetic are the core of our Texas educational system," says Dunbar.

TFN said, "Dunbar’s connections to the religious right are extensive. She earned her law degree from Pat Robertson’s Regent University Law School, which seeks to 'fully integrate the study of law with biblical principles.' In addition, her list of supporters includes far-right groups such as the Texas Eagle Forum, the Free Market Foundation, American Family Association, Wall Builders, the Texas Home School Coalition, Concerned Women for America and the Christian Coalition. In November 2007, Dunbar led the far-right faction’s rejection of a third-grade mathematics textbook."

"What TFN sees as "far right," most Texans view as mainstream," says Dunbar. "In politics, sometimes being hated by the wrong people is as important as being loved by the right people," Dunbar notes. "The fact that they seethe with venom when they say my name is a good sign; it simply means I must be doing a good job representing the conservative people of my district who overwhelmingly elected me to office."

Dunbar, 43, says she is compelled to run for the Congressional seat once held by Republicans because she believes that fellow Congressional District 22 residents need a conservative, common sense voice in Congress who puts principal above politics and values ahead of compromise. Dunbar was elected to the State Board of Education in 2006 where she proved to be instrumental in working to fully implement the Board’s statutory authority over textbook adoptions.

A 1990 graduate with honors of Regent University School of Law, Dunbar was the founding editor of the Regent University Law Review. A sought after speaker on America’s conservative heritage, Cynthia Dunbar has won numerous awards, including three separate American Jurisprudence Awards. Throughout her years of practice, Dunbar has cultivated a sincere interest and love for the charter documents that served to frame our nation. Her review of the Mayflower Compact, the Constitution and Bill of Rights has caused her to be a constitutional purist who strongly opposes judicial legislating.

Dunbar served for three years as Director of Governmental Affairs for Fort Bend County, Precinct 3, where she drafted resolutions in support of legislation benefiting the citizens of Fort Bend County as well as the entire State of Texas. In that capacity, she proved her position against tax increases by working for the reduction of property taxes and protection of private property rights from eminent domain. Cynthia Dunbar currently practices law with the Law Offices of David Showalter, LLP, continuing to help property owners adversely impacted by eminent domain. She is pro-life, supports limited government, and believes immigration laws must be enforced while a strict new immigration policy is developed.

Dunbar resides in Richmond in Fort Bend County. She is the mother of two children and attends River Point Church.

Cynthia Dunbar For Congress - Texas District 22

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