Cynthia Dunbar For Congress - Texas District 22
Press Release
For Immediate Release: February 7, 2008
From: Dunbar For Congress
Phone: 609-703-8111

Congressional Candidate Cynthia Dunbar:
Driver's Licenses for Illegal Immigrants Breeches National Security
And Further Burdens American Taxpayers

Richmond, TX—Congress should put the brakes on any attempt to issue drivers licenses to Illegal immigrants as a matter of protecting national security and defending taxpaying American citizens against rampant fraud that results from using drivers licenses to gain access to government benefit programs, according to Cynthia Dunbar, candidate for Texas District 22 U.S. House of Representatives.

"When elected to Congress I will support common sense legislation to protect both our national security as well as law abiding citizens from the perils of illegal immigration," Dunbar says. She said that she would support legislation like HR 4176 that prohibits states from issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

"All of the 9/11 terrorist hijackers had been issued driver's licenses or non-driver's identification cards and this allowed them to assimilate into American culture by opening bank accounts and even boarding airplanes," warned Dunbar. "While it may be true that the majority of illegal immigrants are not terrorists, issuing them driver's licenses affords them opportunities to receive many benefits under the false pretense that they are legitimate U.S. citizens."

Dunbar says issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants is bad policy because it encourages continued illegal activity at a great expense to taxpayers.

"What about the word ‘illegal' do liberal politicians and big government bureaucrats not understand," Dunbar asks. "It makes no sense to encourage a culture of rewarding those who are likely to have committed at least three felonies before they even get a driver's license: illegal entry into the U.S., using fraudulent documents to get a job, and falsely using such documents in the workplace—even to the point of registering to vote."

Dunbar, 43, says she is compelled to run for the Congressional seat once held by Republicans because she believes that fellow Congressional District 22 residents need a conservative, common sense voice in Congress who puts principal above politics and values ahead of compromise. Dunbar was elected to the State Board of Education in 2006 where she proved to be instrumental in working to fully implement the Board's statutory authority over textbook adoptions.

A 1990 graduate with honors of Regent University School of Law, Dunbar was the founding editor of the Regent University Law Review. A sought after speaker on America's conservative heritage, Cynthia Dunbar has won numerous awards, including three separate American Jurisprudence Awards. Throughout her years of practice, Dunbar has cultivated a sincere interest and love for the charter documents that served to frame our nation. Her review of the Mayflower Compact, the Constitution and Bill of Rights has caused her to be a constitutional purist who strongly opposes judicial legislating.

Dunbar served for three years as Director of Governmental Affairs for Fort Bend County, Precinct 3, where she drafted resolutions in support of legislation benefiting the citizens of Fort Bend County as well as the entire State of Texas. In that capacity, she proved her position against tax increases by working for the reduction of property taxes and protection of private property rights from eminent domain. Cynthia Dunbar currently practices law with the Law Offices of David Showalter, LLP, continuing to help property owners adversely impacted by eminent domain. She is pro-life, supports limited government, and believes immigration laws must be enforced while a strict new immigration policy is developed.

Dunbar resides in Richmond in Fort Bend County. She is the mother of two children and attends River Point Church.

Cynthia Dunbar For Congress - Texas District 22

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