Cynthia Dunbar - SBOE District 10


"Texas is fortunate to have someone with the passion, experience, understanding and commitment to values-based education willing to serve our state. We all need to unite and support her candidacy."
Mike Richards, Former State Senator

"Cynthia Dunbar's conservative pro-family education philosophy makes her an outstanding candidate for the Texas State Board of Education. Cynthia's legal experience will benefit the entire board as they make crucial decisions including the handling of the best managed fund in Texas: the $22 billion Permanent School Fund, our children's textbook fund. The parents and school children of Texas need Mrs. Dunbar to represent them. Please join me in supporting Cynthia Dunbar for the Texas State Board of Education."
Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum

"Cynthia Dunbar’s years of practice in reviewing law and her experience in writing Early American History Curriculum make her abundantly qualified, and she will be an indispensable asset to the State Board of Education."
Terri Leo (R) Member, State Board of Education District 6

"Cynthia Dunbar is a principled conservative and a proven leader – exactly what is needed on the State Board of Education."
David Barton, WallBuilders

"Anyone who truly understands the State Board of Education knows that Cynthia Dunbar is the obvious choice. She is the qualified, conservative candidate who will do the job we all want done!"
Richard Neill, Former State Board of Education Member

"Cynthia Dunbar will bring a wealth of talents to the State Board of Education because of her appellate experience and her time of writing and reviewing American history textbooks. Cynthia’s commitment to financial accountability for public schools through using the current resources on hand and advocating tax cuts is also a key issue in this race."
Michele Connole,
Young Conservatives of Texas Senior Vice Chairman of Media and Publicity


Cynthia Dunbar - SBOE District 10

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