Cynthia Dunbar - SBOE District 10

A Solid Conservative Member of the Texas State Board of Education

Lifelong Republican Cynthia Dunbar is the Representative for the Texas State Board of Education, District 10. Dunbar believes that the philosophy of the classroom in one generation will become the philosophy of the government in the next. She also believes that government must be responsible to the citizens and taxpayers it serves.

Dunbar has devotes her service on the State Board of Education to protect the textbook-review process and strengthen grade-level curriculum in order to generate higher student achievement for our children. She is working to clarify the Boardʼs authority and will continue to fight for parental control over hidden socialistic, humanistic agendas.

Cynthia Dunbar uses her over 17 years of practice as an attorney to work within the system to produce positive outcomes. Her successful appellate practice and her public service as Director of Governmental Affairs give her valuable insight and experience. Dunbar has drafted and supported legislation benefiting our citizens, including efforts to reduce property taxes and protect private property rights from eminent domain. She currently practices with the Showalter Law Firm. The bulk of her practice involves intellectual property and eminent domain.

Dunbarʼs long history of Republican involvement demonstrates her conservative loyalty. She served as a youth delegate to the 1980 Republican National Convention, which nominated one of Dunbar's heroes, Ronald Reagan, for President. Since then she has actively participated in various Republican Clubs in which she has served not only as a faithful member and volunteer but also as secretary, vice-president, and president. Additionally, Dunbar has proudly attended Texas Republican Senatorial and State Conventions as a delegate.

Cynthia resides in Richmond in Fort Bend County. Cynthia Dunbar is the mother of two children and attends River Point Church.

Cynthia Dunbar

Cynthia Dunbar - SBOE District 10
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