Cynthia Dunbar For Congress - Texas District 22
Cynthia has been certified pro-life by Texas Right to Life
and has received numerous endorsements including:

Alan Keyes, former Asst. Secretary of State for International Affairs under Reagan
David Barton, former Vice Chairman of the RPT, and Pres. of Wallbuilders
Don McLeroy, State Board Of Education Chairman
Terri Leo, State Board Of Education Member
Barbara Cargill, State Board Of Education Member
Gail Lowe, SBOE State Board Of Education Member
Valoree Swanson, State Republican Executive Committeewoman
Brian Russell, State Republican Executive Committeeman
Norma Jeter, Legislative VP, Texas Tea Party RWC 
Pat Hanson, South Texas CWA Area Director
Matt Barnhill, Family Pastor Riverpointe Church
Julie Barnhill, Kindergarten Teacher Fort Bend Baptist Academy
Tom Haessly, Harris County Election Judge

Note: Titles used for identification purposes only

Cynthia Dunbar For Congress - Texas District 22

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