Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette – Safe Flavors and Quality Vapor

ID-100107457Among other features of electronic cigarettes that most people pick interest on are the flavor of the e-liquid in the cartomizer and the quality of vapor exhaled. People would like to know if a particular brand has something pleasing to offer with these substances.

For those who could be contemplating whether to go for Green Smoke e-cigarette or not, understanding the details of these substances become very crucial. Below we compiled the list of GreenSmoke reviews and  what you should know about the flavors and vapors associated with Green Smoke electronic cigarettes.

Safe Flavors of Green Smoke e-Cigs 

The cartomizers of the Green Smoke come with a nicotine liquid, which has flavors to meet with different tastes and preferences. The ingredients in the liquid compose of vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavorings. These flavorings are similar to food coloring, cake mix and vanilla extracts. The vegetable glycerin is a vegetable extract which has been classified a caloric macronutrient from sugar alcohol by the FDA.

With Green Smoke, the flavor options that one can choose from include Smooth chocolate, Red Label, Absolute Tobacco, Vanilla Dreams, Menthol Ice, Tobacco Grid, and Mocha Mist. Each of these flavors in the cartomizer can meet with the preferences of each user.

Quality Vapor of the Green Smoke 

For every type and brand of electronic cigarette, what is puffed or inhaled is not smoke, but a vapor. The vapor easily dissipates in the air. With Green Smoke vapor, you may readily consider a quality vapor. This is because you will not need to worry about bad breath, bad smell on your hair, clothe, or car. You also will not have to deal with tar, ash, or butts. As you inhale and smoke the Green Smoke vapor, you get delicious feeling and remain fresh and clean.

So, with these details on the safe flavors and quality vapors of Green Smoke, you might want to consider any of the starter kits today. You can access the website for Green Smoke for more details, or you can make your buy from popular online stores where varieties of electronics cigarettes are old.  Always  checkout  for the quality offers  Green Smoke.

Finally, if you are still in a doubt, there is a good article about The Pros and Cons of Smoking E-Cigarettes.

Quick Details about Green Smoke E- Cigarettes

ID-100235282Green Smoke Cartomizers

You can access different flavors of Green cartomizers according to your smoking need. The available flavors at the time of writing include Absolute Tobacco which gives the use a taste of natural tobacco, Tobacco Gold, which is a rich blend of Oriental, Burley, and Virginia Tobacco.

There is also the Tobacco Red Label with a woody and robust flavor. Apart from these, users or smokers can as well take advantage of the

  • Mocha Mist,
  • Menthol Ice,
  • Mountain Clove,
  • Vanilla Dreams and
  • Smooth Chocolate flavors.

 Green Smoke Batteries 

The batteries found in electronic cigarettes are an essential part of the package. They are rechargeable and last for many hours if used and taken care of appropriately. The batteries can be recharged with adapters and USB cables. The batteries are lithium ion and already come pre-charged 70%. For optimal performance, you can charge it more.

The battery can be screwed to the cartomizer when you want to use the e-cig. There is a led light at the other edge of the battery that turns green when inhalation takes place. More so, the light can be turned red when the battery is charged.

So, these are details about the cartomizer and the battery of the Green Smoke electronic cigarette. The information helps you to understand the product better.